Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager


I’m not much of a lager fan in general, but after a hot, hard afternoon of lawn mowing, a nice crisp craft lager does often hit the spot.  Flying Dog Brewery’s Old Scratch Amber Lager claims to be a “malty, mellow” lager, but I found that it had a fairly substantially hoppy bite in the first few sips.  You’ll never hear me complain about that, but if it might be a bit much for someone who doesn’t care for bitterness.  As it warms, it does mellow out quite nicely, and the predominant flavor in the middle is honey with just a faint hint of bitterness left in the very last of the finish.  This is a nice complex lager, and you should let it warm just a bit if you’re not a fan of bitterness.

I give it a 3.8 out of 5.

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