Ommegang Seduction


Today I’m reviewing another love-themed beer from the Belgian masters in Cooperstown.  Several weeks back I reviewed Adoration, and today I’m giving Seduction a whirl.  The description on the bottle makes it clear where the name comes from;  The flavor is that of Belgian chocolate with undertones of cherries.  Yup, sounds seductive to me.   It’s not as big as a strong dark ale, but it pours as black as night with a creamy tan head.  The nose is yeasty with cherries and musty earth.   The middle is sweet, with chocolate and quite a bit of pineapple.   There’s some tartness in the finish with a bit of cherry and a hint of roasted coffee, fading at the end to a last taste of chocolate.  I have to say there’s not as much chocolate as I expected, but this is still a nice, complex beer.

I give it a 4.4 out of 5.

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