Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA


I was sure I had reviewed Torpedo Extra IPA at some point in the past, until I looked back through the archive, and realized that I hadn’t. So here goes. When Sierra Nevada first released Torpedo Extra IPA a few years ago, it showed up on the shelves of my local store and I decided to pick up a six-pack and try it out. Sierra Nevada makes good beer, but I honestly wasn’t expecting anything more than a run-of-the-mill me-too IPA. I was wrong. This is an excellent, hop-forward, full-bodied American IPA and it was immediately added to my regular rotation list where it remained for a year or more. It pours a dark gold, with a nice thick head. The scent is of grapefruit, pine, and honey. The middle is heavy with citrus, both grapefruit and orange. The finish is a bit bready, with a little more sweet orange and bitter rind right at the tail. It’s a pretty substantial beer at 7.2% ABV, but it hides it fairly well. Since the first time I tasted it, this has been one of my favorite every day American IPAs.

I give it a 4.6 out of 5.

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