Big Boss High Roller IPA


It’s been awhile since I last reviewed any local brews, so today I’m drinking High Roller, an IPA from Big Boss Brewing Company of Raleigh, NC, about three hours up the road from me.   The head is a firm foam that last quite awhile and has good body.  The nose is lemony and grassy, with a hint of pine.  The middle is super hoppy, with lots of citrus and pine bite.  The bitterness fades in the finish, with a tiny undercurrent of caramel sweetness from the malt, but this is a hop-centric beer through and through.  This is a good solid American IPA, but without a lot of notable characteristics.  A pleasant every day beer for the hophead.

I give it a 4.0 out of 5.

2 thoughts on “Big Boss High Roller IPA

  1. Cole Riddle

    I ordered a High Roller at a local pub this weekend. From the bottle it smelled of grapefruit and an earthy combo of garlic and onion. Plenty of carbonation. The first taste is grapefruit that transitions to harsh yeasty-bread-hops that frankly turned my stomach. Ends with a burnt hops bitterness that was very unpleasant. I made a second attempt with a spicy Gouda, as the company suggest. No better. The pub would not charge me it as I returned 10 oz of it. They admitted no one has ever ordered a second one since they have offered it. Disappointed.


  2. Xander Sherry Post author

    Cole – I’m sorry to hear you were disappointed, but thank you for the report. I had a better experience, but perhaps I should give this one another taste.



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