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My top 5 beers for summer

Now that summer is upon us, I thought that it might be time to offer up some choices for a nice refreshing craft beverage.  They’re slanted towards my tastes, obviously, but I hope you’ll find something here that you can enjoy and will keep you cool in the heat.

In no particular order:

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – Light, refreshing, slightly hoppy, and available virtually everywhere, this is a classic that comes into its own in the summertime.   Available in both bottles and cans, this is a go-to beer for any summer occasion.
  • New Belgium Shift Pale Lager – For those who don’t enjoy the hoppier side of beer, and want something less bitter, Shift Pale Lager is an excellent option.   Light, malty, and available in 16-ounce cans, it can quench the mightiest thirst.
  • Shiner Ruby Redbird – A grapefruit twist on a shandie, Ruby Redbird is a beer that gets not so great reviews, but demonstrates that there’s no accounting for taste, because I happen to love it.  It’s easy-drinking, highly carbonated and refreshing, and I look for it every time I’m in Texas in the summer.
  • Victory Summer Love – The hoppiest beer on the list, Summer Love is an option for those days when you need something that’s still nice and light but that has a little more bite.
  • Bell’s Oberon Ale – Oberon Ale is a wheat beer and the mildest on the list for those who are most averse to bitterness, or who don’t traditionally drink beer, perhaps.  It’s smooth and subtle and another fantastic option.

These are some of my favorite summer treats, and they’re certainly one reason to look forward to the months of heat and sun ahead.