Samuel Adams Boston Lager



Sam Adams Boston Lager and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale are the two beers most credited as being the stimulus for changing a beer drinkers perception of what beer should be. They are the “gateway” beers. In 1994 while stationed at Fort Lewis, WA, I tried a lot of local beers like Henry Weinhards, Rainier, and others along with Sam Adams Boston Lager. Later a friend introduced me to Guinness, Bass and Harps. And then one fateful day at an awesome little pizza place on Lake Washington I tried Red Hook ESB. From that point on I was hooked on good beer.

Boston Beer Company (brewer of Sam Adams) is the largest American-owned brewer. Yes, you read mat correctly. Both Anheuser-Busch InBev and Miller-Coors are now owned by foreign corporations. The good thing about being the largest craft brewer is that even bars and restaurants that don’t have a very good beer selection will still have Sam Adams.

Boston Lager is rich, malty, smooth, and pure delicious. Like a lot of craft beer drinkers I have moved on to big hoppy pale ales and super malty barleywines and other high alcohol content beers, but there is always room in my heart and my fridge for Sam Adams Boston Lager and their seasonals like Winter Lager.

Sam Adams is also great beer to offer to your friends and family who think they only like pale American-style lagers. I gave a family member one about a year ago and after tasting it he said it was too strong and bold for him. A couple of months ago I offered him another and he said “Sure, I’ll take a Sam Adams. I love it, I drink it all the time.” Another one converted.

Review Submitted By: Dan Hounshell

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