Boulder Beer Company Winter Beers

So, as one of my Christmas presents this year, my wife purchased a micro-brew subscription. It’s not too bad and the price wasn’t that bad either. Anyway, in the first shipment, I received two brews from the Boulder Beer Company from Boulder, Colorado.

Of the two, I prefer the Never Summer Ale. It’s a bolder ale with lots of flavor. It’s dark red in color. Its label agrees and says it’s brewed with dark caramel malt. I’d rate this selection as an 8 out of 10.

Their other brew I received is Flashback. I thought it had a burnt taste to it. Watching college football, it didn’t seem to pair well with any of the appetizers that I had served. With each taste, it seemed to be missing the flavor you’d expect from an ale. Plus, the label and logo just wasn’t as cool as the Never Summer Ale. I’d rate this selection as 5 out of 10.

I’d be interested to try other seasonal and regular brews from the Boulder Beer Company. Overall I think that they have promise.

Review Submitted By: Jason Gaylord

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