Ommegang Hennepin


Hennepin is a Saison, a classic Belgian farmhouse ale from the Brewery Ommegang.   It pours a light Pilsner-ish golden color, with a massive fluffy white head with the consistency of well beaten egg foam, and it lasts and lasts.  The nose is yeasty, with that fruity, slightly sour scent that is the trademark of Belgian yeast. There’s a smooth, lightweight body, and the middle faintly sweet malt and oranges that linger through the finish.   It’s a subdued flavor, and less like a Pilsner than Saisons I’ve had in the past, but a very light ale.  There’s no bitterness anywhere that I can taste, so this is another good choice for those who aren’t particularly into hoppy, bitter beer.  It’s supremely well executed, and a beautiful summer beer.

I give it a 4.6 out of 5.

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