Unibroue Grande Reserve 17


It’s time for compare-and-contrast.   My last review was of Unibroue’s spectacular Abbey-style Belgian strong dark ale “Terrible.”   Today, it’s their extra strong dark ale, 17.   Despite being an extra strong dark ale, this beer is actually a bit lighter than Terrible in coloration, (still a deep brown) body (still medium to heavy) and alcohol. (Down from 10.5% ABC to 10%.)  The head lasts a bit longer and is silky smooth.  The scent is heavier on the yeast and lighter on fruit.  The flavor is sweet berries and sour Belgian yeast, and though this is oak aged, the oak and the vanilla flavors imparted are refined, and give the beer a subtle finish, and not overbearing at all.  This is another outstanding Belgian from Canadian brewer Unibroue.   I think I have a new favorite brewery.

I give it a 4.7 out of 5.

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