Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest


A few months back I reviewed Sierra Nevada’s Southern Hemisphere Harvest, brewed with fresh New Zealand hops, and today it’s the turn for Northern Hemisphere Harvest, a wet-hopper beer brewed with freshly picked hops from Yakima, Washington. They call it a “hop ale” and I’d say that to me the profile is somewhere between a west coast style IPA and a double IPA.  There’s a lot of citrus and some floral notes in the nose, and a heavy, chewy body with more citrus, pine, and a bit of molasses in the middle.  The finish is smooth and creamy with a bitter pine bite and a hint of caramel.   I liked Southern Hemisphere Harvest, and I like Northern Hemisphere Harvest as well.  This is a must try beer for IPA fans.

I give it a 4.7 out of 5.

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