Dogfish Head Birra Etrusca Bronze


Birra Etrusca Bronze is from Dogfish Head’s Ancient Ales series, based on a recipe that seems to have been favored by the Etruscans in what is now modern-day Italy.   The head disappeared on me as quickly as champagne, and that’s not the only parallel to the bubbly wine that I’m noticing in the beer.  With malt base that mixes barley and wheat for a smooth foundation, and honey, raisins, and pomegranate juice among the myriad ingredients  this lively well carbonated beer has more than a passing resemblance to a sweet fruit-forward sparkling wine.   The nose had honey and wheat, and the middle is sweet with fruit flavors including grapes and peaches.  There are some spices that are I don’t recognize throughout (myrrh and gentian root are in the recipe, so they may be in play here.) There’s some pomegranate tartness in the finish, with a tiny hint of heat from the alcohol.  I love the weirdness and complexity of the ancient ales, and this is a great example of a special beer.

I give it a 4.6 out of 5.

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