North Coast Otsuchi Old Stock Ale 2012


Old Stock Ale is an old ale released annually by North Coast Brewing.   The 2012 edition is a commemorative release and for every bottle sold, North Coast makes a donation to the Otsuchi Recovery Fund to help the town of Otsuchi Japan which was devastated by the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March of 2011.  The noble cause aside, this is an excellent aged ale outright.  The coloration is somewhere between cherry and mahogany  the nose is full of fruit, primarily cherries and a hint of oak.  The middle is almost Belgian, with cherries, plums and cinnamon, that transitions to a alcohol-fueled heat in the finish with vanilla and fading cherry notes.   This is a fairly massive beer at 11.7% ABV, and it’s definitely a sipping drink that would make an outstanding digestif after a rich dinner.   It’s an outstanding beer that’s worth seeking out, and fact that some of the proceeds go to a good cause is an extra cherry on top.

I give it a 4.8 out of 5.

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