Samuel Adams Maple Pecan Porter


This week I’m reviewing a pair of Sam Adam’s finest; the last new offering from the spring variety pack today, and later this week will be the first new offering from the summer selection. The last of the spring bunch is the Maple Pecan Porter, and boy does this beer live up to its name. The head is thick and creamy, and the nose smells like pecan pie drenched in maple syrup. There are some spices in there as well, maybe some cinnamon and cloves. The body is medium to heavy, as you’d expect from a porter. There’s more sugary sweet syrup in the middle along with a bit of coffee, and it fades to a pleasantly bitter roasty, nutty finish. This is kind of a gimmicky beer and there really isn’t a lot to it other than the signature ingredients, but it’s fun and tasty and unique. The flavors are strong and different enough that it isn’t going to be for everybody, but it’s worth a try to experience it and hey, you may find out that it’s the perfect beer for you.

I give it a 3.7 out of 5.

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