Founders Porter


Porter is a classic ale style that brings to mind visions of heavy, dark, malty beer; beer that could serve as meal replacement. Founders Brewing Company’s version of Porter, named simply “Porter” doesn’t disappoint. Founders has become one of my all time favorite brewers as they churn out good beer after good beer, and this is no exception. The appearance is perfect, an oily black with no hint of transparency, and a thick mocha brown head. The nose has notes of coffee, cocoa and wood. The body is heavy, and the middle has flavors of well roasted coffee, brown sugar, and a bit of chocolate. The finish has a tiny bit of alcohol and a little of that brown sugar sweetness left over. The alcohol level is a moderate 6.5% ABV. Now, I’m a hop-head, and there isn’t anywhere in this beer that the hops come forward, but I still appreciate this beer for what it is, and that’s a classically heavy, malty, rich porter.

I give it a 4.7 out of 5.

2 thoughts on “Founders Porter

    1. Xander Sherry Post author

      That is a pity indeed. Having enjoyed Founders both in Texas and here in NC, I had assumed that they had national distribution. However, I’ve now looked at their website and it looks like Texas/Kansas/Nebraska is as far west as they distribute. What a shame. I’ll have to bring you some next time I’m up that direction.



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