Green Flash Rayon Vert


I’ve been reviewing a whole lot of Belgians and their kin lately, and while that’s a lack of variety that I need to rectify, it isn’t going to happen today, because this review is of Rayon Vert, a Belgian-style Pale Ale from one of my favorite west coast breweries, the Green Flash Brewing Company.  First a cautionary note.  This is the third I’ve had from a four pack and while the first two vigorously overflowed when opening, this one gushed like a geyser, and I probably lost a third of the bottle in the first two seconds.  Open one of these with extreme care. Now, to the beer.  It starts with a super long-lasting, super light and fluffy head with a texture that reminds me a lot of the foam that you get from a root beer float.  The yeast is more subdued in this than most.   The scent is earthy and woody.  The middle has a lot of lemon and bread, with a touch of tartness and some pine for a bit of bitterness.  The finish is grapefruit and pine, but it’s not sharp, like you’d typically get in a west-coast style pale ale or IPA, it’s dull, with yeast and citrus over top.  It gives it an interesting balance that I quite enjoy.

I give it a 4.3 out of 5.

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