Open Craft Beer has a new home!

After more than two years on, the announcement that Posterous is shutting down at the end of next month meant it was time for Open Craft Beer to move.  I’m now hosting it privately on WordPress, and I’ve migrated all posts of the posts but unfortunately, not the comments.

The move was not unexpected, and though it’s been a lot of work it gives us far more flexibility to grow the site now that we’re not constrained by the limitations of Posterous.   There may be issues, of course, and if you come across any errors or broken links, please let me know at

Also, please continue to submit new reviews and content to

I’m really looking forward to the future for Open Craft Beer and everything that’s coming, and I hope you are too.

Best regards,


2 thoughts on “Open Craft Beer has a new home!

  1. Bob McMaster

    You should have said something before you moved. Took me two months to realize what had gone wrong when the posts stopped showing up in my feed reader.


    1. Xander Sherry Post author

      Yeah, sorry about that. There’s still a problem with the feed that I haven’t gotten around to resolving yet. It’s going to be a bit hairy to redirect it, I think, and I just haven’t had the time to dedicate to solving it.



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